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3/31/03 NBAA

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Chicago's Daley Orders Midnight Closure of Meigs Field Via Bulldozer

Shortly after midnight on March 31, construction equipment with police escort arrived at Chicago's Meigs Field (CGX) to address "homeland security issues" at the airport by carving "X"-shaped patterns across the runway. The action effectively closed the airport, stranding nearly a dozen aircraft on the ramp. NBAA is outraged by the actions taken by the City of Chicago, especially since an agreement struck last year between Daley and former Governor George Ryan would have kept the airport open at least until 2006. "We are shocked that the mayor has taken this unilateral action without apparent coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Homeland Security and airport users," said NBAA President Jack Olcott. "This action is inconsistent with Federal safety requirements and the normal communication process." The city has yet to announce any plan to allow the stranded aircraft to depart. NBAA Members are encouraged to check all NOTAMs relating to airspace and airport closures around Chicago. Additionally, Members also should visit NBAA's Contact Congress web site at to inform their Congressional representatives about this recent action. NBAA will provide updates as they develop.

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