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4/5/03 Last plane leaves

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Last aircraft leaves Meigs Field

Veteran Friends of Meigs reporter June Soderblom reported early this morning that the last aircraft trapped at Meigs Field by the City's vandalism has departed this morning.  With the control tower apparently abandoned by the FAA, the only person at the airport to answer a phone was the terminal building cleaning staff.  The Chicago Sun-Times reports this morning that the FAA closed the control tower yesterday and that the aircraft was free to depart without tower clearance.

The Friends of Meigs Field bid the last "Meigs POW" farewell, with the hope that they will not be the last aircraft ever to depart the "Coolest Little Airport on the Planet."
To all flying the Lakefront VFR flyway:  Please exercise extra vigilance, and--may we suggest--make regular position reports at landmarks shown on the Terminal Area Chart (e.g. Bahaii Temple, Montrose Harbor, Navy Pier, passing midfield at Meigs Field, the Hotels, and the 95th St. Breakwater or Power Plant.  We suggest using the Meigs tower frequency 121.3 for now as a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF), as if the tower were closed temporarily.

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