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4/5/03 Letter from a soldier

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Mayor Daley, (copy to Governor Rod Blagojevich)

        I am serving in Egypt at the moment, supporting the USAF personnel here.  Despite the real risks here that I deal with daily (unlike you, I have to check under my vehicle with a mirror to see if a bomb has been placed on it on a regular basis), I find your actions so like that of the dictators in the Mid-East that I am moved to write you and ask that you remember that you are an elected Mayor in the United States of America.  You have acted in direct conflict with your word, and used "security concerns" as a cover to "do as you please"  Meigs is an important resource for your city, the aviation community and air safety.  You have defied common sense, your own word and logic, as well using police power to usurp legal processes.  These actions are not consistent with the way U.S. leaders are supposed to work.  I am appalled and sincerely wish that you will reconsider your actions, or, failing that, that the Governor of your State will cause you to return to professional behavior.  The rights of every pilot in the U.S. are threatened by your actions, the safety of every pilot in Illinois is threatened by your actions and the freedoms that are the basis of the United States violated by your actions.

(Name redacted by Friends of Meigs Field), PA-C

(name redacted), PA-C
Gianaclis Support Complex
Jiyanklis Egyptian Air Force Base (HEGS)

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