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9/19/06 Dorothy Brown press release

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Press Release -- Dorothy Brown for Mayor

September 19, 2006

NEWS RELEASE: Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown’s Response to the City of Chicago’s Settlement of the Federal Government’s Suit Over Meigs Field.

Upon hearing of the latest waste of taxpayer dollars, mayoral candidate Dorothy Brown said today that “The City of Chicago is out of another one million dollars and the taxpayers are once again holding the bag”.

Without admitting to any wrongdoing, the Daley administration agreed to use a million dollars in general revenue funds to repay the federal government for improperly shifting federal aviation money to prepare Meigs for use as a park.

The improper use of those federal dollars came on the heels of Mayor Daley’s highlycriticized decision to stage a midnight raid on Meigs Field on March 30, 2003. Without notice to the FAA, Daley ordered bulldozers to rip up the runway, claiming that Meigs was a security risk to the city from small planes loaded with explosives.

But Brown says that in addition to the loss of a convenient general aviation airport for business, it also crippled the celebrated Tuskegee Airman’s flying school for inner city children. Brown says “the Tuskegee flying program provided many at-risk children a positive alternative to escape some of the negative influences in their neighborhoods.”

Brown, the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court and the only announced female candidate for mayor of Chicago, says “the action then was unwarranted and this latest settlement now is unacceptable.” Brown adds, that “the hemorrhaging of millions of taxpayer dollars from unnecessary lawsuits and other legal settlements has gotten out of hand.” Brown vows that when she’s elected mayor she will run an administration that is vigilant and protective of precious tax dollars.

Read the press release in .pdf format.

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