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10-16-2006 Sun-Times: No no-fly zone

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No-fly zone deserves to stay grounded

October 16, 2006

Anytime anything happens anywhere that raises questions about security in our skies, you can count on Mayor Daley to sound off about the need for a no-fly zone around Chicago. Plane gets too close to the White House? No-fly zone, the mayor says. Plane flies into Tampa building? No-fly zone. Plot revealed to crash plane into L.A. tower? Ditto.

It was predictable, therefore, that Daley would use Wednesday's crash of a small plane into a New York high-rise not only to renew his demand but also to claim, wrongly, that it shows he was right when he arrogantly destroyed Meigs Field in the dead of night in 2003. (Never mind that the mayor has already admitted that his real motive was to build a park.)

Daley blames the general aviation lobby for blocking the no-fly zone for the city, suggesting that safety takes a back seat to the influence of the Airline Owners and Pilots Association. Rubbish. It's hard to fathom the federal government putting safety at risk for a large group of people who like to fly planes. And does the mayor really need to be told why Washington, D.C., the only city with a no-fly zone, is a special case?

Perhaps the real reason we don't have a no-fly zone is that it would do absolutely nothing to protect us. Unfortunately, if someone really wants to fly a plane into a downtown building, a no-fly zone would do nothing to stop them.,CST-EDT-edits16b.article

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