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Aviation at Meigs Field
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Key Benefits

bulletOperational Improvements
bulletImproved Traffic Relief for O'Hare & Midway
bulletLight Jet and Air Taxi Services
bulletCommuter Air Service
bullet24-hour Operations
bulletPrecision Instrument Approach



By far the most economical way to add airport capacity to Chicago is to reopen and improve Meigs Field. The cost per additional operation is less than 1/10 the cost associated with building new runways at O’Hare, and adding runways at Midway is practically impossible, due to space constraints. While enhancing Meigs Field is not a total substitute for more runways at the commercial hubs, it is part of the solution, and one that is immediately available, at relatively low cost.

In a congested aviation market like Chicago, every flight counts.

For this reason, re-opening and improving Meigs Field is an important element of this proposal. Under this proposal, the historic land under Meigs Field will continue to be used as an airport… and much more. The effects of improving Meigs Field are wide-ranging and economically valuable.

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