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bulletCombined park and airport in the new Bessie Coleman Park.
bulletBelieved to be the largest amount of new parkland added to the lakefront in over 50 years.
bulletNew Lookout Point with parkland, nature walk and offshore scuba reef.
bulletNew Northerly Meadow with picnic grounds & exploratory playground.
bulletNew Harborside Promenade for walking, biking, and fishing.


bulletExciting new Chicago Air Museum with Plane of the Month Pavilion and Aircraft Restoration Annex.
bulletEducational exhibits of aviation, nature, and Chicago history.
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

bulletImproved Homeland Security and Disaster Relief
bulletImproved Emergency Response
bulletImproved Medical Transport
bulletNew Civil Air Patrol Base
bulletNew Coast Guard Auxiliary Air Station
bulletImproved Air Traffic Safety


bulletOperational Improvements
bulletImproved Traffic Relief for O'Hare & Midway
bulletLight Jet and Air Taxi Services
bulletCommuter Air Service
bullet24-hour Operations
bulletPrecision Instrument Approach
Events / Programs


bulletMeigs Field Open House
bulletChicago Grand Prix
bulletExpanded Chicago Air and Water Show
bulletFishing tournaments
bulletOutdoor museum events
bulletBicycling excursions
bulletAir-Sea Rescue Demonstrations


bulletNo cost to local Chicago taxpayers.
bulletTakes advantage of federal airport improvement funds to pay for project.
bulletProvides a minimum of $40 million to the Chicago Park District, possibly as much as $600 million or more.
bulletExcess Funds for Other Parks:
bulletProvides at least $15 million in leftover funds to repair and upgrade other parks, possibly $100 million or more.

A Future Vision for Meigs Field and Northerly Island
A Vision for Meigs Field and Northerly Island

Future Vision

Possible Features

bulletExpanded parkland, 100 acres or more
bulletMore than Meigs Field's current area
bulletA new pedestrian bridge
bulletAdditional harbor space
bulletA new, longer, safer runway
bulletA new, expanded Chicago Air Museum.



"Urbs in horto"

(“City in a garden”) -- Chicago city motto

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“The fine arts of traffic management should be studied no less than the fine arts of parks and boulevards; for unless Chicago keeps ahead of her rivals in commercial matters, the parks will become pastures, and the boulevards will be deserted.”

-- Daniel H. Burnham & Edward H. Bennett, Plan of Chicago, 1909

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