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Northerly Meadow

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Northerly Meadow
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Northerly Meadow

Another important feature of Bessie Coleman Park will be the new Northerly Meadow, created at the northern end of the peninsula, and incorporating new, expanded parking for the Adler Planetarium and Bessie Coleman Park by placing the existing Adler lot underground on multiple levels.

The resulting new parkland and open space will exceed the size of DuSable Park, the newest lakefront park. (And funds provided by this plan will be available to develop DuSable and other parks across the city.)

From Northerly Meadow, visitors will enjoy a spectacular view of Chicago’s world-famous skyline.

Other features of Northerly Meadow will include:

bulletPicnic and Observation Areas – Second only to dinosaurs in popularity with toddlers, airplanes are endlessly fascinating to children and adults alike. Attractively-designed, accessible picnic areas and observation overlooks will allow families to experience the excitement of flight close at hand, in a kind of daily “air show.”
bulletOutdoor Planetarium* — Imagine a stone structure that will provide the Adler Planetarium and all of us with Chicago's first outdoor observatory and a point from which to view both the night sky, and the city's magnificent skyline.

* -- Denotes element from 1996 Chicago Park District plan for Northerly Island to be incorporated into Bessie Coleman Park.

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