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The Chicago Air Museum

Key Benefits

bulletExciting new Chicago Air Museum with Plane of the Month Pavilion and Aircraft Restoration Annex.
bulletEducational exhibits of aviation, nature, and Chicago history.

Education at Bessie Coleman Skypark

The Meigs property is blessed with an combination of attractions: multiple aspects of nature, the innate interest people have in flight, and the spectacular views of the Chicago skyline. Combined, these attractions have the power to draw the attention of both adults and youth of Chicago and focus this interest on educational activities.

Through both indoor and outdoor exhibits, the Bessie Coleman Park and Chicago Air Museum will be an educational center, teaching Chicagoans about the natural environment of the Lake Michigan shoreline and the science and history of aviation.

The Chicago Air Museum

One of the premiere features of the Meigs property will be the Chicago Air Museum.

This facility will be created by re-purposing the existing Meigs Field terminal building, adding permanent and visiting displays, exhibits, and attractions for children, teens, adults, and families. Subsequently, annexes to the building will provide additional space for aviation displays and activities.

Human nature has a primal fascination with flight. Since the earliest days of mankind, when soaring birds captured the imagination of our cave-dwelling ancestors, we have been inspired to reach the sky.

Today, that fascination is reflected in such institutions as the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the most visited museum—of any kind—in the world.

At the Chicago Air Museum, families will be able to explore

bulletThe Basics of Flight: What makes an airplane fly?
bulletAviation History: Chicago’s First Airport—Grant Park
bulletGroundbreaking Aviators: The Tuskegee Airmen
bulletForce of Nature: The Story of Wind
bulletFlying on Instruments: How Planes Find Their Way in the Clouds
bulletPushing Tin: Air Traffic Control
bulletWomen Fly: Women in Aviation


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