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Harborside Promenade

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Harborside Promenade, View 2
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Harborside Promenade

Built in the 1920’s, and expanded in the 1930’s and 1940’s, the Meigs property features a classically-designed shoreline, mirroring the western shore of Burnham Harbor. For many years, much of this water’s edge has been unnecessarily made off-limits to the general public. Meigs Field’s operations do not require this area to be inaccessible to the public, as long as adequate separation and fencing is provided for security and safety.

In opening Meigs Field fully to the public, this harborside promenade will be made publicly accessible, with ornamental fencing, landscaping, handicapped-accessible ramps, fishing stations, benches, and scenic overlooks, adding open space for the public to experience and enjoy.

From the Harborside Promenade, there are magnificent views of the skyline, the South Loop, Burnham Harbor, and Soldier Field. Families will enjoy strolling the promenade, taking in the excitement of takeoffs and landings, along with the sights of the city. Children, in particular, will enjoy being able to see airplanes close at hand.  Fishing enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of nearly half a mile of newly accessible shoreline, and boaters will be allowed to tie up to visit the new Meigs Field restaurant.

bulletBotanic/Sensory Gardens* — A sensory garden where everyone -- with or without disabilities -- can experience the beauty of nature. In this garden, every sense will be alive; every person -- however challenged -- will experience the change of seasons, and learn the enduring power of nature and its bounty.
bulletHarbor Link / Bicycle Path Extension -- In the future, a link from the southern end of the Promenade across the harbor can be made, to tie Meigs Field to McCormick Place and the south lakefront, eliminating the “dead end” of the peninsula, and improving circulation on the Museum Campus. One possibility is a small ferry* that could be operated across the mouth of the harbor during warm weather months.

* -- Denotes element from 1996 Chicago Park District plan for Northerly Island to be incorporated into Bessie Coleman Park.

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