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Meigs Field enhances public safety & security
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Key Benefits

bulletAir Search & Rescue
bulletCritical Medical Transport
bulletDisaster Relief
bulletAir Traffic Control
bulletCollision Avoidance
bulletAirspace Access Control

To learn more about how Meigs Field
benefits public safety, read:


Safety and Security

Meigs Field saves lives.

From homeland security to disaster relief to emergency response to aviation safety: the central location of Meigs minimizes response times and provides unparalleled benefits to the residents of Chicago. Meigs Field is both indispensable and utterly irreplaceable by any other airport.

In addition to being an integral part of Chicago’s emergency response plan, coordination of the safety and security activities at Meigs under the Chicago Emergency Communications Center will enable even faster and more efficient city-wide response. Helicopters from Meigs Field rescue Chicagoans from burning high-rises, rescue stranded boaters, and pull potential drowning victims from the lake. Meigs also serves as the critical care medical transport (“medevac”) and organ donor transfer location for many city hospitals, saving more lives.

As an additional benefit, the Meigs peninsula also provides a safe and secure area for arrival of the President of the United States and other visiting dignitaries.

This proposal offers safety and security benefits that no lakefront park ever has before:

bulletHomeland Security and Disaster Relief - Imagine if a fully loaded airliner had been flown into the Sears Tower on September 11th, 2001. Rescue helicopters from Meigs Field could have arrived on the scene in minutes. Similar helicopters rescued over 100 people from the top of the World Trade Centers during the first terrorist bombing. In addition, the runway at Meigs is equipped to handle fully loaded military cargo planes making it an essential part of any emergency preparedness plan for Chicago. In the event of disaster, Meigs could save thousands of lives.

Now, consider a biological attack on downtown Chicago. Consider the difference between trucks paralyzed in gridlock between Midway or O’Hare and downtown and C-130 cargo planes bringing medical supplies and equipment directly to downtown and evacuating Chicagoans on return trips. Meigs Field is an essential part of Chicago’s emergency preparedness. Meigs can save lives.
bulletEmergency Response – Whether responding to a fire at the growing number of Chicago high rises or rescuing a drowning boater or swimmer, there is no better or more central location than Meigs Field. Chicago Fire Department and U.S. Coast Guard rescue helicopters flying from Meigs provide the fastest response and can save minutes – when seconds count… saving lives.
bulletCritical Medical Transport – Meigs is the closest medical evacuation center, both inbound and outgoing for a number of Chicago’s hospitals. For the critically injured, even seconds count and Meigs can save minutes – saving lives. The Illinois Association of Air and Critical Care Transport has strongly protested the potential loss of the only airport/heliport serving many downtown hospitals. Without Meigs, critically ill and injured patients and transplant organs suffer delays that can threaten health and lives.
bulletCivil Air Patrol Base – The Civil Air Patrol is the civilian Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force and organized along military lines. The addition of a Civil Air Patrol base will provide additional eyes watching and protecting the Lake Michigan shoreline and entire Chicago area, at no cost to the City of Chicago. The Civil Air Patrol squadron will provide surveillance, search and rescue services for all of Chicago and the lakefront.
bulletOther elements:
bulletCoast Guard Auxiliary Air Station
bulletAir Traffic Safety
bulletEyes on the Skies
bulletGeneral Aviation Security

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